Jun 13

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Seminar

On 13 June 2018, the German-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce (AHK Azerbaijan) organised the “General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)” seminar in cooperation with the GRC Executive Search and Management Consulting at AHK Azerbaijan Conference Room.

Mr Samir Aliyev from GDPR Consulting Services Company delivered a presentation on GDPR. The workshop was attended by 40 representatives from relevant member companies of AHK Azerbaijan.

The core themes of the seminar were general principles, obligations and possible implementation areas of new regulation in Azerbaijan. The principal aim of the seminar was to notify member companies of AHK Azerbaijan about the main points to be considered during personal data protection.

At the beginning of the workshop, Mr Tobias Baumann, Executive Board Member of AHK Azerbaijan and Dayanat Ahmadov, Director of the GRC Executive Search and Management Consulting welcomed the participants and delivered their introductory remarks.

Following this, Mr Samir Aliyev informed the participants about data processing, data breach response management and data inventory. Afterwards, the presenter responded to the enquiries of participants and the seminar was followed by discussions.

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