Um den Informationsaustausch unter den Mitgliedern zu stärken und sie über aktuelle Wirtschaftstrends auf dem Laufenden zu halten, organisiert die AHK Aserbaidschan regelmäßig den "AHK-Impuls".

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Im Mittelpunkt jeder Veranstaltung steht ein aktuelles Wirtschaftsthema zu dem ein Impulsvortrag gehalten wird. Außerdem geben wir unseren neuen und alten Mitgliedern Gelegenheit ihr Unternehmen zu präsentieren. Abgerundet wird die Veranstaltung mit einem abendlichen Buffet für die Teilnehmer.

Themen der bisherigen Netzwerkveranstaltungen

07.02.2019: Laufende Reformen und jüngste Entwicklungen im Migrationssektor Aserbaidschans

Am 7. Februar 2019 organisierte die AHK Aserbaidschan für ihre Mitgliedsunternehmen die erste AHK-Impuls-Veranstaltung dieses Jahres im Hyatt Meeting & Conference Centre.

Der AHK-Impuls widmet sich den laufenden Reformen und den jüngsten Entwicklungen im Migrationsbereich Aserbaidschans. Ehrengast der Veranstaltung war Herr Vusal Huseynov, Leiter des Staatlichen Migrationsdienstes der Republik Aserbaidschan. Herr Huseynov hielt auf der Veranstaltung seine Rede zum Thema "Implementierung von Migrationsreformen für Aserbaidschan". Die Teilnehmer der Veranstaltung wurden über die Prioritäten und geplanten Aktivitäten des Migrationsdienstes im Jahr 2019, über die derzeitigen Reformen sowie über die Erleichterung der Migrationsherausforderungen ausländischer Bürger informiert.

Anschließend informierte Herr Ilgar Mehti, der Gesellschafter und Direktor der Firma Ekvita LLC die Gäste über das Thema „10 Jahre Anwendung der Migrationsgesetze in Aserbaidschan“.

Wir danken dem Ekvita LLC für die Unterstützung der Veranstaltung! Mehr

05.12.2018: Implementierung von Arbeitsmarktreformen für Aserbaidschan

On 5 December 2018, AHK Azerbaijan organised the next AHK-Impuls event for its member companies at Hyatt Meeting and Conference Centre. The current event was dedicated to the ongoing reforms in the labour market in Azerbaijan and was attended by the honorary guest speaker Mr Sahil Babayev, Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The event was opened with a welcoming speech of Mr Tobias Baumann, Executive Director of AHK Azerbaijan and was followed by the presentation of Mr Rizvan Gubiyev, Tax Director of KPMG Azerbaijan Limited on “International practices in tackling informal employment through tax policy”. Afterwards, Mr Sahil Babayev, Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Population delivered a speech on “Implementing labour market reforms for Azerbaijan”.

Emphasising the human factor as the main direction of the state policy, Mr Babayev mentioned that this year ongoing reforms in the labour market covered four main directions: Automation of pension system; establishing "DOST" centres; introduction of e-social internet portal and improving the quality of employment services. The minister noted that the expansion of e-services in the field of employment and provision of 124 services by the Ministry through a single-window in a simplified and non-restrictive way will play a crucial role in ensuring transparency and effectiveness of the system.

Furthermore, it was noted that the implementation of the projects related to the Agency for Sustainable and Operative Social Security (DOST), established under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population in accordance with the Decree of the President Mr Ilham Aliyev dated 9 August 2018, is being completed and the first “DOST” centre will be put into operation in the first months of 2019.

The minister stated that the "e-social" internet portal, which incorporates data of citizens on the state social services (labour contract, personal account, pension capital, types of social security, disability, etc.), is already operating and the work conducted to improve the portal will be continued during the next year.

Pointing out the reduction of the tax burden of workers in the non-oil sector of Azerbaijan and amendments to the legislation in the employment field as positive cases, Minister said that the cooperation with the Ministry of Taxes and other relevant government agencies will be continued to prevent non-formal employment and to ensure coordinated work in this sphere.

After concluding his the speech, Minister responded to the questions of AHK Azerbaijan members on the mentioned issues and called business representatives for supporting the ongoing reforms and conducted work with their comments and suggestions. The event was concluded with networking lunch. Mehr

31.10.2018: Laufende Reformen und jüngste Entwicklungen im Zollbereich Aserbaidschans

On 31 October 2018, AHK Azerbaijan organised the next AHK-Impuls event for its member companies at Hyatt Meeting & Conference Centre. The topic of the current AHK-Impuls was dedicated to the ongoing reforms and recent developments in the customs sphere of Azerbaijan. The honorary guest speaker of the event, Mr. Safar Mehdiyev, Chief of State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan, delivered a speech on "Customs reforms for trade facilitation" in the event.

Providing information about major reforms in the customs system, Mr. Mehdiyev mentioned the increase in imports as a result of ensuring transparency and anti-corruption measures. Mr. Mehdiyev also talked about the measures taken to study international experience, introduction of EU customs systems model in Azerbaijan within the framework of cooperation with the European Union and noted that innovations in world trade are taken into account in the customs reforms in Azerbaijan.

In particular, it was noted that Azerbaijan’s accession to the Common Transit Convention will play a special role in simplifying customs procedures and reducing paperwork. The Chief noted that a working group was established in this regard and the initial phase of the project was successfully implemented. Commenting on the introduction of modern and simple procedures, the SCC chairman informed the participants about the work implemented for improving the green corridor system and increasing the level of customs services, and stressed the significance of introducing the principle of voluntary payment of customs duties.

Touching upon the organisational structural and personnel reforms, Mr. Mehdiyev stated that the work is underway in changing the management and implementing structural reforms in the Committee. It was noted that the new Customs Code and normative documents were adopted taking into consideration the comments and recommendations of international experts, and the European standards were applied in the structure of customs system. Furthermore, it was pointed out that minimising physical contact between customs officers and citizens is one of the priorities of the Committee, and the work is being conducted to improve the quality and quantity of e-services in this sphere as well as the integration of statistical information into the government portal.

Mr. Mehdiyev concluded his speech by underscoring the importance of such meetings in contributing to successful continuation of the measures taken in the customs sphere, and stated that the remarks and suggestions made by business representatives at the event will be considered while drafting future reforms.

Following the Q&A session on the enquiries of the AHK Azerbaijan members about customs, Mr. Yunis Salayev, Managing Partner of BDO Azerbaijan LLC and Mr. Sabit Abdullayev, Director of the Legal Services department of BDO Azerbaijan LLC delivered a presentation on supporting the implementation of the roadmap for beneficial ownership disclosure in the extractive industries in Azerbaijan.

The event was concluded with networking lunch. Mehr

12.07.2018: Aktuelle Reformen in Aserbaidschans Steuergesetzgebung und -verwaltung

On 12 July 2018, AHK Azerbaijan organised the next AHK-Impuls event for its member companies at Hyatt Meeting & Conference Centre. The main focus of the event was the reform currently being planned in tax legislation and administration in Azerbaijan. Mr. Mikayil Jabbarov, Minister of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan attended the event as the honorary guest and delivered a speech on "New Approaches to Business".

In his welcoming speech at the event, Mr. Tobias Baumann, Executive Director of AHK Azerbaijan stated that economic cooperation between Azerbaijan and Germany had expanded and various documents signed between the countries had created favourable conditions for foreign investors to actively participate in various sectors of the economy. It was noted that Germany ranks the 5th place among Azerbaijan’s foreign trade partners according to the volume of trade turnover. He emphasised the significance of AHK Azerbaijan's activity in strengthening the economic relations. Referring to the recent reforms implemented in the tax system of the country, Mr. Baumann stated that these reforms were related to improvement of business and investment climate, reduction of tax burden and tax optimisation, establishment of relations between tax authorities and entrepreneurs on a new level and improvement of tax administration.

Minister of Taxes Mikayil Jabbarov mentioned that important tasks had been set for the Ministry in raising attractiveness of the tax environment, improving tax administration, optimising the tax burden, ensuring transparency in the tax authorities, and currently tax administration was being improved and structural reforms are being implemented in the tax system. In addition, the work is underway to improve the tax legislation.

Mr. Jabbarov noted that one of the most important institutional innovations in structural reforms was the creation of a new institution for appeals and improving tax audits. Minister stated that improving the quality of services provided to taxpayers and establishment of relations with taxpayers on a new level were some of the main priorities of the ongoing reforms. Touching upon the issue of tax burden, the Minister of Taxes noted that diminishing fiscal rates and reducing tax burden through optimisation of some tax rates was being considered. Mr. Jabbarov underlined that the new tax system would enable the establishment of a predictable and transparent tax environment for entrepreneurs.

Minister of Taxes, Mikayil Jabbarov also underscored that the Ministry of Taxes attaches great importance to open dialogue and exchange of views with business representatives as well as the German-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber contributes to the development of relations between the two countries, and the Ministry of Taxes expects that these relations, which have become a good platform for the organisation, will yield effective results in improving the business climate. More

13.03.2018: Die Zukunft der Energie in Aserbaidschan

On 13 March 2018, the German-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce (AHK Azerbaijan) organised its traditional event AHK-Impuls for its members at Hyatt Meeting & Conference Centre.

The first AHK-Impuls of this year was dedicated to the topic of energy. Minister of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Parviz Shahbazov attended the event as an honorary guest and made a presentation about “The future of energy in Azerbaijan”.

Mr. Shahbazov drew attention to the energy strategy implemented by Azerbaijan since 1994, and its achievements. He emphasised that the current priority of Azerbaijan is the production of petrochemicals and the expansion of their export potential.

Further commenting on Azerbaijan’s policy in the power sector, Mr. Shahbazov mentioned modernisation of the power sector, ensuring efficiency and environmental requirements, the development of alternative and renewable energy sources, and making this field attractive to domestic and foreign investments as the tasks to be fulfilled in the power sector.

The minister concluded his speech by making remarks on current reforms implemented in the energy sector. He pointed out that the implementation of the measures identified in the Strategic Road Map on Utilities Development are in progress and efforts are being made to liberalise the energy market, create a competitive environment for electricity generation and consumption.

Minister’s speech was followed by the presentation of Dr. Michael Hilmer, Senior Vice-President of Gas Supply Division South / Caspian Region, Uniper Global Commodities SE on the projects of the company in Azerbaijan. Mr. Hilmer informed the participants about the past and future projects of the company and a successful joint venture with SOCAR on energy efficiency since 2016. He made his final remarks on the partnerships of the company and stressed that it will strengthen ties and identify new joint business opportunities. Mehr

16.10.2017: Neue Generation öffentlicher Dienstleistungen

Der nächste AHK Impuls der AHK Aserbaidschan fand am 16. Oktober 2017 von 5 bis 8 Uhr im Hyatt Meeting & Conference Centre, Guba Ballroom statt.

Murat Karakash, Managing Partner von KPMG Aserbaidschan und Dr. Malik Kerimov, Direktor der Deutsch-Aserbaidschanischen Klinik “Sahhat” sprachen über ihre Dienstleistungen im Zusammenhang mit ihrer lokalen und internationalen Expertise.

Herr Kamran Agasi, Direktor des Innovationszentrums der staatlichen Agentur für öffentliche Dienstleistungen und soziale Innovationen unter dem Präsidenten der Republik Aserbaidschan hielt einen Vortrag über die "Neue Generation öffentlicher Dienstleistungen", welche das Kernthema der Veranstaltung bildete. Er betonte, dass Aserbaidschan sich in einer Transformationsphase befinde, in der eine Modernisierung der öffentlichen Dienstleistungen stattfände. Er nannte ASAN als Beispiel für diese modernisierten Dienstleistungen, wobei das Hauptaugenmerk auf dem Prinzip der Zugänglichkeit, Verantwortlichkeit, Effizienz, Transparenz und Innovation liege. Herr Agasi erläuterte die Entwicklung neuer Konzepte wie ASAN Life, Abad usw., die die Regionen aufwerten sollen. Wichtig sei außerdem, dass sie immer Unterstützung von Leuten spürten, die sich von der Weiterentwicklung der Projekte begeistert zeigten. Mehr

12.09.2017: Eigentumsfragen in Aserbaidschan

Die AHK Aserbaidschan veranstaltete das vierte AHK-Impuls-Treffen am 12. September 2017 im Hyatt Meeting- und Konferenzzentrum, Guba Ballroom von 17:00 bis 20:00 Uhr.

Der Schwerpunkt dieses AHK-Impulses lag auf Eigentumsfragen in Aserbaidschan. Herr Azer Bashirov, Leiter des Staatskomitees für Eigentumsfragen, hielt eine Rede über die Verwaltung und Privatisierung der Staatsbetriebe, die elektronische Grundbucheintragung und die Verwaltung von Grundbesitz in Aserbaidschan. Herr Bashirov wies auch auf die besondere Bedeutung der deutsch-aserbaidschanischen Zusammenarbeit bei Eigentumsfragen hin und informierte über gemeinsame Projekte. Herr Yalchin Jamalov, Vertreter des Staatsausschusses für Eigentumsfragen, hielt einen Vortrag über Privatisierungs- und Investitionsmöglichkeiten in Aserbaidschan.

Darüber hinaus stellten Herr Koray Uygur, Industry Sales Manager Aserbaidschan der BASF Caspian LLC und Herr Nuran Karimov, Managing Partner der Deloitte & Touche LLC, ihre jeweiligen Unternehmen in Vorträgen kurz vor. Mehr

01.06.2017: Änderungen im Zollverfahren und der Zollgesetzgebung

Am 01. Juni 2017 wurde der AHK-Impuls zum Thema neuste Änderungen im Zollverfahren und der diesbezüglichen Gesetze organisiert.

Anwesend war Herr Aydin Aliyev, Vorsitzender des Staatlichen Zollkomitees der Republik Aserbaidschan und Herr Shahin Bagirov, stellvertretender Vorsitzender des Staatlichen Zollkomitees der Republik Aserbaidschan, der zu dieser Thematik einen Kurzvortrag hielt.

Ihre Unternehmen präsentierten diesmal Herr Ilgar Mehti, Geschäftsführender Partner der Firma Ekvita LLC und Herr Ruslan Agayev, Leiter der Repräsentanz der Grohe AG im Kaukasus. Mehr

06.04.2017: Der derzeitige Stand der Wirtschaftsreformen

Am Donnerstag, den 06. April 2017, fand der zweite AHK-Impuls der AHK Aserbaidschan statt.

Thematisiert wurde auf dieser Veranstaltung der derzeitige Stand der Wirtschaftsreformen in Aserbaidschan. Herr Dr. Vusal Gasimli, Direktor des Zentrums für die Analyse der Wirtschaftsreformen und Kommunikation hielt zu diesem Thema einen Impulsvortrag.

Zur Vorstellung ihrer Unternehmen hat die AHK Aserbaidschan Herrn Vugar Mammadov, geschäftsführender Partner der Firma Capital Legal Services LLC und Herrn Dr. Mais Sailov, Geschäftsführer der Firma Labservis Ltd eingeladen. Mehr

02.03.2017: Die aktuelle Lage des Finanz- und Bankensektors

Am 2. März 2017 wurde im Hyatt Meeting & Conference Centre Baku Room der erste AHK-Impuls veranstaltet.

Im Mittelpunkt dieser Veranstaltung stand die aktuelle Lage des Finanz- und Bankensektors in Aserbaidschan. Hierzu hielt Herr Michael Hoffmann, CEO der AccessBank OJSC einen Kurzvortrag.

Herr Samir Guliyev, Geschäftsführer der Firma Knauf Marketing Baku GmbH und Herr Rufat Hajialibayov, Geschäftsführer der Firma SAP Aserbaidschan stellten Ihre Unternehmen vor. Mehr