AHK Visa Service

In cooperation with the German Embassy, the AHK accepts visa applications from our members for business trips to Germany and passes them to the embassy.

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Schengen visa for business travel to Germany

AHK members can submit their visa application form for business trips or trade fair visits at the AHK office. We review your application, forward it and pick up your passport from the German Embassy.

Application Procedure

  1. You compile the necessary documents and complete the application form. Guidelines and forms can be found on the website of the German Embassy.
  2. The complete visa application can be submitted from 09:00 to 10:00 p.m. on weekdays at the AHK office. You provide us with the required power of attorney so that we can represent you in dealings with the German Embassy. The AHK will issue you an invoice for the payment of the visa and service fee of 65, - EUR (incl. VAT).
  3. The total fee is payable in AZN at a branch of the International Bank of Azerbaijan. The payment slip must then be submitted to AHK Azerbaijan.
  4. The AHK Azerbaijan forwards your application and passport to the German Embassy and collects your passport there after processing the application.
  5. The processing of the documents takes 15 calendar days after the date of receipt of the application. In the special cases, AHK Azerbaijan can apply to the Embassy due to quickly processing of visa application documents.

Important Notes

Eligible applicants are the owners and permanent employees of the AHK member companies. The visa service can only be used for business trips (including trade fair visits) and is therefore not valid for: visits (e.g. visits to relatives), family reunions, study or language courses, tourism, medical treatments, car rental, truck trips and transit trips.

Only the German Embassy is entitled to issue visas. The AHK has no influence on the visa decision. In any case, the German Embassy reserves the right to invite the applicant to a personal meeting.

The visa and service fees will not be refunded if the visa is not granted. The total fee for the visa issuance consists of the fee for the AHK visa service of 30, - EUR, as well as the fee for the Schengen visa of 35, - EUR. Unfortunately, for technical reasons, a bank transfer is not possible.

Since June 23, 2015, every applicant is obliged to submit fingerprints when applying for a Schengen visa. If you have not yet submitted any fingerprints, you will be accompanied by an AHK employee at the visa office of the German Embassy. You will be informed about the exact date when submitting your application at the AHK office.

Invitation letter for business trips to Azerbaijan

A business trip to Azerbaijan requires an invitation by a legal entity domiciled and registered in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The AHK Azerbaijan can issue this invitation for you to apply for a business visa. Please contact us with your passport and travel data at visa(at)ahk-baku.de.

Further Information

                              Invitation letter                   
Type of visa                Processing timeProcessing fee
90 days
Singe entry
Approx. 5 weeksYes
One-year visa*
90/180 days of stay
Multiple Entry
Approx. 5 weeksYes

* Please note that the invitation for one year visa must be confirmed by the inviting company at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Visa applications can be submitted to the Azerbaijani Embassy in Berlin as well as to the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Stuttgart. To apply in Berlin personal appearance is required. The Honorary Consulate also offers application by post. The required documents and requirements for the issuing of visas may deviate for the Embassy in Berlin and for the Honorary Consulate in Stuttgart.