Members4Members Discount Programme

In the frame of the Members4Members Discount Programme, AHK Azerbaijan members offer their services and products to other members at special conditions.

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If you would like to give discount on your products or services to other AHK members, please do not hesitate to contact us. Members usually receive a discount between 10%-20%.

AHK Azerbaijan Services

AHK Azerbaijan

DescriptionAZN, Percent
Address Research, Business Partner Mailing, Business Partner Search, Market Analysis, Individual Sales Consulting, Registration, Recruiting, Event Management, Information Service-15%

Consulting, Law

Capital Legal Services LLC

DescriptionAZN, PercentFurther information
Mergers and acquisitions, Privatization and Restructuring, Legal support in pre-contractual negotiations and contract drafting, Foreign Investment and currency regulations, Registration of the corporate changes, HR and employment law matters, Immigration laws, Project Finance-20% The company provides services in different sectors of economy and business.


Boulevard Hotel Baku

DescriptionAZN, Percent Further information
City View, Sea View, Club Room, Terrace Room, Executive Suite-30-40%
(excl. of VAT)
Set along Baku's seafront promenade with close proximity to major city attractions, Boulevard Hotel Baku offers 818 comfortable bedrooms and suites.

Hyatt Regency Baku

DescriptionAZN, Percent Further information
King / Twin, Club King, Club Twin, Regency Suite King, Regency Executive Suite, Presidential Suite-10-20%
(excl. of VAT) 
International 5* Hyatt Regency Baku offers Meeting und Conference Center, apartments, offices and businesses, restaurants.

Intourist Hotel Baku

DescriptionAZN, Percent Further information
Intourist King / Twin, Sea View King / Twin, Deluxe Twin, Khazar Suite, Terrace Suite-20-25%
(excl. of VAT)
Intourist Hotel Baku offers all the modern comforts, plus a new interpretation of luxury - to stay relaxed and unbothered.

Medical Services

"Sahhat" Azerbaijan-Germany Medical Center

DescriptionAZN, Percent Regular Price,
Further information
Medical Check Up - 
Physician inspection, ECG, X-Ray, abdominal ultrasound examination, blood test, urine analysis, eyes tests, audiometry
65,-*80,-Sahhat, the Azerbaijan-Germany Medical Clinic is offering its high-qualified services since 1997.
Medical examination-10%-The aim of "Sahhat" Clinic is to provide population with effective modern treatment.
Laboratory test-10%-Cardiology, USM, surgery, pediatrics, neuropathist, endocrinology, urology, gynecology, endoscopy, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, otolaryngology, laborotory, physiotherapy

* The price varies based on the type of the medical examination. This is the lowest price.

"CCM Sahhat" Industrial and Sanitary Laboratory

DescriptionAZN, PercentRegular Price,
Further information
Workplaces Certification-20%40,-
for a position
As an expert of occupational health, CCM-SAHHAT provides a unique set of services that combines labor safety management, certification of workplaces, production control, industrial medicine and first aid courses.
First Aid Teaching-20%50,-
per person

Industrial Equipments

Wika Azerbaijan LLC

DescriptionAZN, PercentFurther information
Pressure gauges, Digital pressure gauges, Process Transmitters, Diaphragm seal systems, Dial manometers, Thermowells, Bypass level indicators, Optoelectronic switchers, Float switchers, Primary flow elements, Air flow sensors, Portable pressure generation, Gas density indicators-15%WIKA acting globally, with over 9,300 highly qualified employees, the WIKA group of companies is a worldwide leader in pressure and temperature measurement. The company also sets the standard in the measurement of level and flow, and in calibration technology.

Goyleroglu LLC (Meguin GmbH)

DescriptionAZN, PercentFurther information
Engine oils, gears oils, additives for lubricant and for fuel-20-35%Meguin GmbH is premium lubricant producer since 1847.


Bakcell LLC

DescriptionAZN, PercentRegular Price, AZNFurther information
Data Services (LTE and 3g)-40%9,-1GB Bundle - 3,- AZN 5GB - 6,- AZN
Voice Services-30%0,07,-Voice Call 0,03 AZN per minute
Datacards-40%59,-Datacard (LTE) 10 - 20,- AZN
Roaming Data prices-70%1MB - 1,- AZN1GB - 10,- AZN

Note: These packages are valid for one month. If you would like to use more than one month, you need to reactivate these packages.

Travel Agency

Baku Holiday Travel

DescriptionAZN, Percent Further information
Tickets (International), tours, insurance, rail / train, hotel booking (national), transfers, rent a car, UK & USA visa-5-10%Baku Holiday Travel established in 2013, currently we have three main offices in Baku/ Azerbaijan and regional sub-agents, as well as one operating office in Istanbul / Turkey.

Spa & Fitness

Boulevard Hotel Baku

FacilityDescriptionAZN, PercentFurther information
ClubMembership: 3 months, 6 months, 12 months-10-20%Day hours membership (07:00-16:00)
  • 20% for laundry service
  • 15% for spa treatments
  • 15% for all restaurants
Swimming lessons1, 10, 20 sessions-30-35%These discounted prices concern only club members.
1 session - 1 hour

Hyatt Regency Baku

FacilityDescriptionAZN, PercentFurther information
Armaiti Spa & FitnessMembership: 3 months, 6 months, 12 months-20-50%15% discount in the Mezzo Restaurant, Gourmet Shop, Summer Garden (Seasonal May-September) and Café Armaiti

Intourist Hotel Baku

DescriptionAZN, PercentFurther information
For all spa treatments-15%Operation Hours (09:00-21:00)
10% for all F&B outlets