Senior Experts Service (SES)

The SES, which has its headquarters in Bonn, is a foundation of the German economy, which provides consulting services in accordance with the principle of "help for self-help".

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The SES is the leading German organization for voluntary assignments carried out by retired specialists and executives from various sectors of industry who are ready to share their knowledge and experience with others. The AHK Azerbaijan is the official representative of the Senior Experts Service (SES) project in Azerbaijan. Detailed information on the organization can also be found at

Financial Support of Senior Experts Service (SES)

  • Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Major activity of Senior Experts Service (SES)

  • Vocational training of specialists and supervisors
  • Optimization of services, products and processes
  • Technical, economic and organizational problems management
  • Supporting economical development of Azerbaijan
  • 137 successfully implemented projects in Azerbaijan from 1983 to 2016

Advantages of Senior Experts Service (SES)

  • Long-term professional experience of experts in their own field
  • Professional knowledge in more than 50 industries
  • Supporting customer requests and needs accordingly
  • Good foreign language skills
  • Ability to adapt to local conditions

Potential customer of Senior Experts Service (SES)

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises and companies across different sectors
  • Social and medical institutions
  • Organizations engaged in education and vocational training

Project implementation terms

  • Submission of the completed application request to the local SES representative
  • Review of tasks required by experts in SES Bonn and the start of the search for experts
  • Signing an agreement separately with the customer and the expert
  • Experts' activities are advisory
  • Own responsibility of the customer, to what extent he implements the recommendations of the expert


  • The customer must meet the travel costs and experts’ expenses during their stay in the country
  • Assumption of international air ticket costs and SES administrative costs by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in exceptional cases

Projects in Azerbaijan

The AHK Azerbaijan has already successfully implemented projects from a wide range of sectors such as medicine, agriculture and real estate. If your company is also willing to “gain knowledge through experience”, we would be happy to bring you into contact with one of around 12,000 experts.

Several enterprises in Azerbaijan have currently benefited from the experience of SES experts. They can be referred to as "Qinyetogullari", "Azza", “BDM” Language Center, “Oki Clinic”, “Sahhat Clinic” and the others.

If you would like to benefit from the Senior Experts Service (SES), please send the filled SES Request for Assignment to Ms. Aygun Seyidova, the project manager of the SES (aygun.seyidova(at)