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We will be happy to assist you! The AHK Azerbaijan supports you and your company in the establishment and development of business activities in Azerbaijan.

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Our initial consultation gives you a country briefing and an assessment of your business opportunities in Azerbaijan. Are you interested in detailed market and sector specific information? Do you need contact details from potential business partners or do you plan to visit Azerbaijan meet the local companies personally?

Feel free to contact us and let us know your individual requirements!

Our services for you:

Address Research

Do you need concrete addresses from Azerbaijani companies, but do not succeed with your own research? The AHK Azerbaijan paves the way for you to establish business contacts with potential customers, distributors and sales partners.  

Together with you, we define search criteria to identify suitable business partners. Hereby we aim to list all relevant companies to your business by covering the entire market. Consequently, you receive an up-to-date contact list with company names and addresses, telephone and fax numbers, email addresses as well as potential contact persons.

If required, we conduct a Business Partner Mailing and contact the respective companies directly on your behalf or arrange meetings with the chosen companies.

Business Partner Mailing

Inform the right people in Azerbaijan about your company and offer! On the basis of your ideal profile, we identify potential contacts in Azerbaijan and create a corresponding distribution list.

We write a letter on our stationery or translate your own text. We then send the cover letter by e-mail or letter together with company documents and information material to the companies you have selected. You will receive a list of the contacted companies and an overview of the responses.

Business Partner Search

We organize your business trip to Azerbaijan, from the contact search to the scheduling of appointments with the desired companies to the organization of the visit. 

Our Business Partner Search service consists of two parts that are specially adapted to meet your requirements.

  1. We identify potential contacts and conduct an address research.
  2. We arrange appointments and assist you with the organisation of your business trip. 

Take advantage of our experience on site! We support you with visa matters, such as the issuing of an invitation letter to apply for a business visa, book your hotel at AHK special rates and accompany you to your appointments. We can also arrange meetings in our premises. We remain at your disposal for arranging interpreters and transportation service for the transfer between airport, hotel and business meetings.

Should you yourselves not be able to be on site, we can talk to the contact person on your behalf and present the company with your company documents. As a result you get a complete list of companies with documentation and comments on the held meetings.

Market Analysis

AHK Azerbaijan keeps you up-to-date with recent developments and with the existing market opportunities. We offer unbiased and professional industry-specific and product information about the current situation on the Azerbaijani market.

You will get an overview of market volumes, key market players, current influencing factors, distribution channels and development forecasts. We are also ready to answer your individual questions and concentrate our research on your specific field of interest.

Individual Sales Consulting

You would like to sell your product in Azerbaijan, but do not operate on site yourself? We will provide you with a report on the current sales possibilities of your product and inform you about the respective branch situation. We then look for suitable sales partners and discuss the opportunities for cooperation with them.

You will receive a verified list of companies with documentation and comments on the held meetings. If you would like to be present at the meetings personally, we offer you numerous on-site services such as the organization of a translation and driving service and accompany you during your appointments.


Are you looking for qualified personnel for your business in Azerbaijan? We support you in finding well-trained German- and / or English-speaking employees. We identify suitable applicants by publishing a job advertisement on the Internet and in the press that is adapted to the required profile, or address potential candidates directly via our applicant database.

We then conduct a preselection including review and evaluation of the applications as well as first interviews. You will receive the application documents from the shortlisted candidates and we will accompany you in the further selection procedure. We would be glad to organize the discussions, arrange appointments, provide the necessary premises and support you on the spot, for example as an interpreter.

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