AHK Azerbaijan-Deloitte & Touche LLC Joint Event on Tax and Legal Issues, 27.09.2017

AHK Azerbaijan Meeting & Conference Room (75 Rasul Rza Street, AZ 1014, Baku)

On Wednesday, September 27th, 2017, AHK Azerbaijan held its first joint event in the new office building located in Winter Park Plaza. Considering the high interest of the membership companies, the major focus of the seminar was to discuss tax and legal issues. The discussion aimed to give clear explanation to the questions requested by the membership companies in advance.

Foremost, Tobias Baumann, Executive Director of the AHK Azerbaijan, welcomed representatives of Deloitte & Touche LLC, Mr. Sarvar Hummatov, Ms. Rena Khalilova and the member companies of the AHK Azerbaijan. After, he gave the floor to Deloitte & Touche LLC representatives to run the seminar and respond to the prearranged questions. The session continued with the active involvement of the guests in the discussion. The seminar finalized successfully as the participants benefited from the detailed answers given to their questions and expressed their high satisfaction after the event. 


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